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Are you Ready to Rise?

Rising from crisis like a phoenix from the ashes, hear personal accounts of fearless women on their journey from depths of despair to heroic comebacks, bigger, better, and stronger.  Learn how to shift disempowering thoughts to a state of power and abundance to create a life of fulfillment, happiness, and joy that you deserve. 

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Childhood Bullying & Hitting Rock Bottom

Life wasn't easy for Aggie Tuxhorn growing up.  She found herself in a class of mean girls and bullies.  Feeling isolated, unwanted, and rejected she found herself hitting rock bottom after being emotionally triggered in college.  Understand the events that led to her tenacious spirit.

Rising to the Top & Overcoming the Lows

Listen as Aggie Tuxhorn overcomes her past and current realities with grit and determination for happiness.  Hear her humble professions battling depression and life setbacks all while continuing to pursue her life goals and learning how to finally see her true value and self-worth.  

Making Your Mess Your Mission

Lisa Woolsey recounts her regret after giving her child up for adoption.  In the depth of her pain, she discovers a path of healing by supporting other women so they can avoid making a permanent decision based on temporary circumstances.  Hear how Lisa turned her "mess" into her mission.