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Health is a state of complete harmony of the body, mind, and spirit.


Throughout my life I had success and excelled in everything I put effort into.  I could easily excel in academics, career, friendships, attracting financial abundance, you name it… but my personal life was always a disaster.  I was met with one empty, dissatisfying or painful experience after another.

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"Helena is thorough, professional and engaging. People enjoy her immensely. I whole heartedly recommend Helena for coaching with hesitation!"

Lori Lamont



"You can tell Helena loves what she does which makes it so easy to relate to her. I highly recommend her!"

Jolyn Meester


“When I met Helena, I felt an instant connection with her energy.  I truly enjoyed the opportunity to work with her, it was like talking to a close friend! ”

Tracy Allers



The Art of Self Love 

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