About Helena

Throughout my life I had success and excelled in everything I put effort into.  I could easily excel in academics, career, friendships, attracting financial abundance, you name it… but my personal life was always a disaster.  I was met with one empty, dissatisfying or painful experience after another.  Relationships were riddled with unhealthy coping mechanisms like addiction, codependence, avoidance, etc.  I attracted partners that continuously left me feeling isolated, alone, abandoned and neglected.  

These revolving feelings of lack, emptiness and pain left me physically, psychologically and energetically drained and ill.  At 37, I found myself on my deathbed, on oxygen 24 hours a day.  Doctors were baffled, I was sent to Mayo Clinic and left with no answers.  I had a suspicion the toxicity of my marriage was destroying my physical health.   I left my husband, began biohacking my DNA, implemented energy medicine and almost overnight, I began making tremendous strides in my physical wellness.  Less than a year later I started dating again.

First, the successful guy who didn’t seem to think I should have a problem with him communicating with women calling and messaging him daily professing their love for him…then the guy whose life resembled one train wreck after another and by the end of that relationship, I was an emotional train wreck.  But that wasn’t enough torture, I hit my rock bottom when I poured my heart out to someone I loved deeply, someone who had continuously been in and out of my life, exhibited every trait of someone not interested in committing, someone emotionally unavailable and yet I continued to put effort into them even though they had no interested in reciprocating my love.

I put it all on the line and the line went dead… the rejection and loss was unbearable.  I was done, I had to change.  I had spent a lifetime investing in men who wouldn’t commit & were unwilling or incapable of giving to me emotionally.  For years, I possessed all the tacit knowledge, continuously integrating it but it felt deeper.  I knew this problem of attracting a healthy relationship was some type of systemic issue within me, within my soul and it was clearly affecting me mentally and physically.  As soon as I acknowledged that my mind, body and spirit were all connected, recording memories, emotions and programming, I realized that I needed to address all these bodies to align with what my conscious knew I deserved and wanted in a partner, while regaining health and vitality. 

The next step was identifying the source of the disconnect that was driving my subconscious state which perpetually attracted these unhealthy partnerships and experiences.  The solution was obvious, healing the psyche.  That’s when I had my breakthrough and discovered the psychological conditioning in which limiting beliefs come from.  It was the missing link to my puzzle and changed my life.  At the same time I discovered a modality at the cutting edge of medicine and science which became the solution to addressing these psychological undercurrents.   The last challenge was wanting the change bad enough that I was willing to invest in myself and make the time for the daily practice required.  I then began incorporating everything else I knew to support lasting change, reversing and erasing painful memories stored in the physical, emotional and energetic bodies.  I gained so much more than the ability to attract quality mates, I developed complete clarity on who I was, what I deserved, and my self-worth.  My gift was undeniably falling in love with all that I am and seeing value within myself without the need for others to validate my worthiness.  I unapologetically set my standards and expectations and now, accept nothing less.  As a result, this holistic and dynamic approach not only created emotional fulfillment in all my relationships, it restored my physical, mental, and energetic health!

Now that you know my story - I want to hear yours!



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