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Whether you need walking meditation gear or just want to broadcast your vibe, check out our clothing line and other merchandise to wear and share.

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Are you ready to take mindfulness to the next level?  Scientific evidence shows a drop in inflammation in IgA levels by 50%, positive changes in gene expression, gut microbiome, and so much more! 

Meditation is the ultimate life extension and health hack!


For the avid grower who wants to learn and process information on their own time, these courses are perfect for you.  Designed to provide a wealth of information and aid in introspection for the greatest integration results. 

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Whether you are interested in group coaching or a private one-on-one setting, we have a program for you!  If you have become stuck and ready to take your life to the next level, then let's go! 

Our program is both holistic and backed by science for superior results.

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