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I Want to VIBE High!
VibeHIGH is a transformational program with a holistic approach that addresses the very essence of our being; mind, body, and soul.    


From birth to adulthood, we experience life events that are not only recorded in the brain but in our physical and energetic bodies as well.  These events change our harmonic frequencies over time and we begin to attract people and events based on our vibration.  We not only see a pattern of attracting the same type of partner, similar relationship dysfunctions, and life circumstances; we also become enslaved to our belief systems and emotions.  The brain operates from the subconscious 95% of the time, which means we are only consciously controlling our thoughts 5% of the day.   Inadvertently we make choices based on unconscious programming that is triggering various emotional states and belief systems while energetically magnetizing continuous chaos from a wounded subconscious.  

I Want to Vibe HIGH!

VibeHIGH Foudations

This holistic program is an authentic merger of esoteric disciplines of eastern medicine, innovative approaches in the fields of neuroscience and psychology, as well as ascertaining principles of quantum physics.  This idiosyncratic fusion promotes healing in our emotional, energetic, and physical bodies.

Mental Reprograming

Using neuroscience to neutralize subconscious beliefs systems ends the cyclic replaying of destructive thoughts, feelings that affect both behavior and unconscious patterns of attraction.

Stress Reduction

Bridging eastern medicine and the latest innovation of psychology is a technique called Emotional Freedom Tapping, clinically proven to reduce cortisol by 43% in one hour.  Extending mental and physical health.

Energy Medicine

Balancing the body's energies supports the physical and emotional body, clears blockages, grounds and stabilizes the psyche, improves cognitive function, increases energy, and boosts overall health.

Are you ready to be in a state of happiness and fulfillment; a place where you come alive and thrive in?  Do you want to live in a world of abundance filled with loving, supportive relationships, emotional bliss, good health, and prosperity?

If you are longing for a life you're passionate about and you're ready to accept responsibility for your creations and take serious action, then let's get to work! 

I Want to VIBE High!