A Soul Path to the Unknown

friendship silverlinings Nov 27, 2021

I was overcoming yet another heart ache. Another betrayal. More unnecessary pain. This one really got to me. I couldn't see the silver lining. Why? What was the point of our interaction? How can one person be so arrogant and ruthless in their actions that they fail to comprehend the lives of not just those they touch, but those that depend of the ones they touch. I was mystified by the selfish, arrogant nature of toying with the emotions of another human being without any accountability to the impact of their actions. As a mother, a daughter, a friend, a buiness owner, when choosing to step foot into someone's life, while their presence may be insignificant in your life, they are a significant someone to others. They're someone’s parent, child, friend, solution holder. How you leave a person doesn't just effect that person, you've impacted a family and community. How do you want to leave your mark?


So often people are far to self-centered to comprehend such a concept. Having someone see the result of their actions directly is a feat of it's on. People ignore the weeks and months of emotional turmoil they put another human being through, weeks and months their families endure with their person functioning at bare minimums and for what... what's the silver lining? This was my task. Figuring out the "why". I had always prided myself on immediately seeing the bigger picture, seeing why, seeing the silver lining. However, this time, I was mystified. I had been lied too, duped and betrayed and I couldn't understand why. That is until I understood who Erin Sizemore was to me.


I'm pretty sure that if you look her up in the encyclopedia, next to her beautiful picture, you'll see the words, goddess, virtuous, authentic and ultimate gatherer of souls. She is the quintessence of female energy, love, nurturance and divinity all wrapped up in a big bundle of spontaneous fun. Since knowing her, she has changed my life in such immeasurable ways that she will never comprehend. Her ability to see past the veneers of ego and measure one only for which the love and compassion they bring to humanity is a gift known only for the enlightened souls. She's humble beyond reproach and a lover of those authentic and true. Jesus Christ, Buddha and Mohamed would have surely asked her to eat at their table.


So often, we endure heartache and loss and are so keen to fixate on the negative, we forgo the beauty in the path that is laying before us. We fixate on the breakup, the divorce, the financial loss, being fired or let go and fail to see that Spirit has something so much greater in store for us, if we would just open our eyes. If we would just open our eyes so that we can see. I fervently believe that the cure to any negative emotion is being in a state of creation. You cannot be depressed about the past or the present when you are enthralled with the idea of creating an incredibly abundant future. It is truly impossible to be discouraged in the presence of hope.


There's not a secret formula but seeing the bright side does require some discipline to stop being a victim. Stop feeling sorry for yourself. It's easy to bask in such energy when society is at the edge of their seats to keep you average and keep you from fulfilling any greater purpose than filling next year's taxes. I'm here to tell you that there's more to you. You have a purpose and it begins in you seeing your tragedies as you're blessings. It begins the day you take your greatest pains, your biggest fears and obstacles and turn them into a triumphant story of success and grit. When you can take all your disappointments and failures and see them as a path to greatness. If success and happiness was easy, everyone would be experiencing it. We are not the sum of our greatness and our success, we are the sum of our ability to turn trials and tribulations into a story so sweet, bedtime rituals echo our strength and chronicle our character in the tales of the mystics.


You may not ever meet Erin and experience the gifts for which her friendship can bring, but I'm confidant you have been introduced to a new path when experiencing one of life's many detours. As the old cliché purports, when one door closes, another opens. Maybe you need to go within and find the resiliency that lies within you or maybe you cross paths with someone who reflects something within you that you need to address or maybe, just maybe, every now and again, you meet a ray of light. A light so slight you almost dismiss it, as if it's minimal beams in your dark abbess where insignificant. For having sight is a luxury that even the modest take for granted. Not so long ago, Erin beamed into my abbess. Who or what has beamed into yours?

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